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JKay Civil Limited is a multi-disciplinary company specializing in minor civil works. Based in the Waikato we are driven to deliver high-quality products safely. We have a vast range of experience from retaining wall construction, reinforced concrete construction, and minor earthworks. We have extensive knowledge in the construction industry and are able to apply these engineering and construction principles to each job.

Javahn Kennedy
Earthworks Supervisor
  • 11 Years experience in the construction industry
  • Wheels, tracks & rollers endorsement
  • Reinforcing placement
  • Reinforced Concrete Construction
  • Earthworks operations
Justin Pouwhare
Structures Supervisor, Level 4 Carpenter
  • 15+ Years experience in the construction industry
  • Bridges, retaining walls & water treatment plant construction
  • Wheels, tracks & rollers endorsement
  • Reinforced Concrete
  • Construction
  • Precast Concrete Construction

Lana Sheerin

Civil Engineer, BE Hons
  • 10 Years experience in the construction industry
  • Bridges and retaining wall construction
  • Kiwirail Bridge Construction
  • Reinforced Concrete
  • Quality Assurance

What we offer:

Retaining Wall Construction • Reinforced Concrete Construction • Reinforcement Placement • MinorEarthworks • Formwork Construction • Reinforcement Detailing • Quality Assurance • Precast Installation

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