Our Vision

Founded in 2010, Te Hūmeka Māori Business Network (Te Hūmeka) is a non-profit organisation that supports Māori business. Our network provides a platform for Māori businesses to network on a local, national and international scale.

Te Hūmeka places significant importance on tikanga Māori. Tikanga Māori, or Māori values, are a way of life by which Māori live, and instruments used to interpret the world. The values are centred around land, water and air, and are essential ingredients of life that are to be respected and sustained. These values embody the work we do and influence every action Te Hūmeka takes.

The name “Te Hūmeka” was gifted to us from Maharaia Paki (Ngāti Mahuta, Ngāti Whawhakia), and comes from a whakataukī of King Tāwhiao.  His kōrero reflects the concept of “globalisation” and the importance of utilising the different skill sets of many, to assist us in achieving our aspirations.

Our core values are:

Is the principle of unity of purpose and direction. We demonstrate this principle by encouraging harmony and moving as a collective.

Is the principle of hospitality and caring for another person’s mana. We do this by showing kindness, generosity, and support to our members. participants and community.

Is the principle of love, care and respect. This value ensures all are treated with respect and allowing them to control their own terms. We do this by allowing all participants to be involved with us at the level they wish.

Is the embrace of spiritual and cultural guardianship of our natural world. This value states that it is our job, as humans, to be guardians of the natural environment, to look after resources and ensure their survival for future generations.

Te Hūmeka’s mission is to support all Māori to realise their economic aspirations, and achieve financial prosperity.


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