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Mahi For The Future Recruitment is working comprehensively with a Te Ao Māori focuses and direction to connect, Skilled Job Seekers to Integral and Responsible employers. We work to change the landscape of recruitment by utilsing a te ao māori perspective we are able to enhance the economy, create new roles and create ongoing relationships along with assurance around career development and ongoing support for both Employers and Job Seekers.

The Director and Founder Logan Walden is of Ngatikahu and Tainui whakapapa and has a strong belief around integrity, cultural understanding, and whānau based outcomes within the workforce. As such his focus is to be able to decrease the unemployment rate for not only māori but the overall statistical understand for people and Aotearoa.

Our Values:

- Integrity

- Honesty

- Communication

- Social Enterprise

- Care

Contact details:

Logan Walden



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