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Alan T. Leuluai is a Registered Financial Advisor, a highly successful property investor, and New Zealand’s wealth coach.
Unlike many advisors and coaches who work only with wealthy, upper class clients, Alan’s clients are more down to earth.  They are, what he calls “typical, hardworking people who want a better life” and include teachers, managers, police officers, tradespeople and small business owners.
Also unique is the ethnic profile of Alan’s client base, which is very multi-cultural and diverse, with ethnicities including Samoan, Tongan, Pakeha, Indian, Asian and Maori.  He calls it the “League of Nations” clientele.
Alan brings his own style of financial services to his clients – merging the professionalism and ethics required by law, with his own Pacifika-style customer service – with a strong emphasis on family, cultural respect and friendliness.
On a personal level Alan is part of the famous Leuluai sporting family. Rugby league legend James Leuluai is his brother, while his league-playing nephews include Thomas and Kylie. Born and raised in the working class suburb of Papatoetoe, Auckland, Alan’s upbringing was built around his Samoan culture, learning the importance of such values as hard work and honesty.  Family time has always been an important part of the Leuluai family, and the extended family often gets together for activities and outings.
Alan’s entry into the world of finance and investing came in the late 1980s while he was employed with Housing New Zealand, which was then known as the Housing Corporation.  Alan’s boss encouraged him to get into property investing because he said that “property was like gold.” At the time Alan was saving up to buy his first car – he had his eye on a Ford Cortina.  But the advice from his boss resonated with him and so instead of buying the car, Alan instead invested in a section.
Soon after that Alan entered the financial industry, and more than 20 years later he continues to invest in property and other investment assets, and provides financial advice and services to those who want to get ahead in all areas of their lives. Alan has appeared as a guest and financial expert on radio, and is regularly invited to speak to community groups on the subject of finance and investing.
Married with three children, Alan is a strongly supportive husband and father.  He holds a prominent leadership position within his church and is a highly regarded church leader.

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