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Life can be viewed as a game, it can be both challenging and supporting at times.You may have to meet certain targets, you may be required to perform specific tasks for the benefit of the team or oneself but sometimes unexpected forces & demands override our ability to adapt or perform those tasks at our best.AITUZ assists you in discovering the underlying factors that may inhibit or prevent you from being your optimum best.Your ability to engage in life and  do simple tasks whether at home, work or on the sporting fields can be hindered by the inability to move like you used to. When in pain or discomfort, it is difficult to be the person you normally are … can effect all areas of your life including your personality.A brave exterior but an underlying suffering that can be due to a Structural, Chemical or Emotional imbalance.To perform at the top of your game, maintaining & enhancing your winning formula is key to staying there.Explore your Potential today!

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