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With 20+ years of experience in IT leadership roles, I understand that people should drive technology and not have technology drive them. I see the ever-changing impact that social media and technology has on our lives, so I’m always looking to see how technology can actually improve our lives.
I love helping people and businesses achieve their goals through the use of social media and innovative technology.
I enjoy developing strategic plans that have an aspirational vision, and clear stepping-stones that achieve transformational change.
I am affiliated with the Māori tribes (iwi) of New Zealand - Tūhoe and Waikato, and the subtribes (hapū) – Te Urewera and Ngāti Māhanga respectively. It is through my cultural awareness that the name ‘Digital Taniwha’ was created.

My personal interests include mountain-biking, spending time with my wife, my dog, family and friends.

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Phone: 022 172 9694


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